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Our Vision

While treating those at the end of life or permanently placed in skilled nursing facilities (many without resources or family), Dr. Burrell continually witnessed unmet patient needs within various areas of their healing and rehabilitation process. These necessities could be physical in the form of a blanket or socks, a bowl of fresh soup or specialized meal, or a tablet to remain in touch with the world. These needs were emotional in the form of expressing feeling states or concerns in a therapy session or simply knowing they are not alone and are cared for. 

Comfort Companions was established as a 501(c)(3) on February 10, 2021. We were formed following a two-month pilot study which included a needs assessment of residents within three skilled nursing facilities within Ventura County. As a result, we were able to identify and meet the physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional needs of over 200 residents undergoing medical rehabilitation, those permanently placed, and those individuals nearing the end of life. 

Having assisted her husband, mother, and step-father through their end-of-life transitions, Dr. Burrell believes no one should be alone during these vulnerable times. She and her team approach each individual with the care and compassion that she was able to provide for her personal loved ones. We approach each resident with the love and support needed to improve or sustain mood, mind, and spirit while rehabilitating and the comfort and peace they deserve at the end of life. 

It all started here following a

simple ask for help. 

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